Superviseur Chargement et transport

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Date: 9 nov. 2017

Lieu: Nouakchott, Inchiri, Mauritanie

Entreprise: Kinross Gold Corporation

Description du poste

Supervises, directs and coordinates all activities of the load and haul equipment in the open pit operations on the production shift basis.

  • Is currently responsible for the management of in excess of 80 manpower and 80 units of mining equipment, currently consisting of 5 x FS6060 excavators, 6 x PC 1250 excavators, 24 x CAT 793C haul trucks, 23 x Komatsu 785 dump trucks, 9 x track dozers, 3 x roads graders, 2 x rubber tire dozers and numerous miscellaneous support equipment, belonging to the company and  contractor
  • No direct budget responsibility.

Responsabilités associées au poste

·         Plan and conduct daily Toolbox meetings as assigned.

·         Ensure that you understand the expected accomplishments for your shift.

·         Inspect your work areas for safety prior to assigning your people to their tasks.

·         Communicate with your counterpart, your Leading Hand and the Mining Advisor to ensure you all have clear and consistent understanding of the plans, digging strategies, material destinations, and safety items to be dealt with.

·         Assign people according to their training and abilities as documented on the Training Matrix.

·         Never show favoritism to anyone because of personal relationships.  Your people need to know that they earn value in your eyes based on their performance.  To do otherwise destroys your personal credibility and your effectiveness as a leader.

·         Work closely with your Leading Hand to become a high performing supervisory team. It’s not something you can accomplish by yourself.

·         Observe your workers to ensure they follow the authorized SOP’s  and correct any workers not following the Procedures. This is critical for both safety and productivity.

·         Ensure that your Leading Hand is keeping haul roads, digger approaches and dump areas smooth and free of rocks that would damage tyres.

·         Ensure all diggers are following their dig plans.

·         Ensure all field controls (usually stakes) are in place to allow operators to follow the digging locations and limits.

·         Balance trucks to diggers and standby extra trucks to reduce fuel costs, wear & tear and unnecessary risks.

·         Ensure that your Leading Hand is controlling wheel dozers, graders, water trucks and clean-up machines such that they are working in a controlled fashion and not wandering around aimlessly.  If your superiors stop and question an operator about his work instructions the response should reflect that you have provided clear and professional instruction.

·         Track the productivity of your assigned group to compare actual results against the plan.

·         Observe all your assigned areas for possible safety risks and take action to correct any found risks.

·         Investigate close call incidents and actual contact incidents to determine root cause and associated corrections.

·         Use the last hour of your shift to set up the oncoming crew.  If you do this properly the next crew should be able to simply resume load, haul and dump activities with no delay.

Études et expérience

Mandatory Requirements for this position supervisor:

·         Engineer degree in Mechanical/Mining

·        Mining experience in open pit mining operations.

·         Excellent communication skills in English , and the proven ability to facilitate group meetings.

·         Strong leadership and a company oriented outlook.

·         Ability to enforce company policy and procedure

·         Willingness to make the difficult decisions when circumstances require





·         Ability to read, write and speak English, Arabic and French

·         Experience in heavy equipment operation in a mining environment

·         Ability and desire to listen and continually improve both yourself and the business.

·         Previous supervisory experience

·         Computer literate

Langues requises

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