SOC Controller

Date: Mar 15, 2023

Location: Tasiast, Inchiri region, Mauritania

Company: Kinross Gold Corporation

Job Description

CCTV SOC Controller is a key function in the security department. CCTV SOC Controller is responsible for leading the contracted CCTV operators at Security Operations Center (SOC). The CCTV system consists of a variety of highly sophisticated equipment to perform monitoring and analysis, security exceptions detection, access control activity monitoring and analysis throughout the site; insuring integrity, accuracy and confidentiality of all information gained by compliance with quality standards, policies and procedures.

Job Responsibilities

  • SOC Controller must know what constitutes a security exception and understand possible actions available to him/her for responding to or reporting said exceptions in a timely and professional manner. 
  • SOC Controller must be able to provide at all times all evidential records and witness statements to the standard acceptable to the rules of evidence. 
  • SOC Controller must be able to record all events and actions monitored from within the SOC in a clear, legible and accurate written and/or visual format. 
  • SOC Controller must be able to provide a Power Point Presentation at the end of his/her shift for management review using the “5W/H and outcome” format with tape/digital supporting evidence.
  • SOC Controller must know when and how to contact management as relevant to a specified level of threat. 
  • SOC Controller is responsible for keeping all proprietary and confidential data entries in line with the company integrity policies and must exercise discretion and security in maintaining the value of information ascertained through the use of SOC equipment and subsequent entry into the day/ night database.
  • SOC Controller is also responsible for monitoring and ensuring the appropriate procedures are followed on the initiation/ shutdown of all related equipment throughout the site.
  • SOC Controller will strive to learn how to install/ uninstall all security CCTV equipment located throughout the site and will always safeguard the capabilities/ limitations of the safe from all other than personnel of security department.
  • SOC Controller supervise a team of contracted CCTV Operators Manages standards of work and behavior using company policies and procedures.
  • SOC Controller will ensure CCTV and Lenel systems integration is well-maintained and perform daily inspections, verifications, and exceptions reporting.
  • SOC Controller actively monitors CCTV alerts and conduct camera system checks daily.
  • SOC Controller is responsible of configuring security alarm; monitoring system and analyzing security requirements, as well as recommending improvements.
  • Monitoring sensitive Alarm detection, access control devices and emergency notification system.
  • Controlling the main gate opening-entering

Education and Experience

•    BTS in IT
•    A minimum of 4 years of proven work experience with at least 2 years in Information Systems Management, Information Technology, CCTV operations or a relevant educational standard. A background in CCTV installation/application/trouble shooting and maintenance preferable.  
•    Ability to communicate effectively in French and English language, both verbally and in written form. 
•    Driving license.
•    Capacity to promptly adapt to change of technology.
•    Completion of a recognized industrial security training course is desirable
•    Ability to use database software as well as the skill to learn and master proprietary information.
•    Advanced skills in Microsoft Office applications (Word, Outlook and Excel) to record and produce information.
•    Should be skilled in data management and entry, troubleshooting and maintenance.
•    Demonstrate organizational skills with a high level of attention to detail and good documentation skills.
•    Demonstrated ability to communicate with a wide variety of site visitors (e.g. employees, contractors, government officials) in a professional manner, displaying tact and diplomacy when needed. 
•    Be open minded, pro-active, team orientated and have a high sense of confidentiality. 
•    Understand integrated processes.
•    Willingness to work long/necessary hours to meet the requirements of the 24/7 security operation.
•    An ability to work and remain decisive under pressure while facing of critical circumstances.