Geotechnical Technician

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Date: Feb 7, 2019

Location: Tasiast, Inchiri region, Mauritania

Company: Kinross Gold Corporation

Job Description


Reporting to the Senior Geotechnical Engineer, the Geotechnical Technician will conduct daily visual pit Inspection and responsible for day to day smooth operation of the slope monitoring systems at Tasiast; IDS Radar and Trimble Prism Monitoring systems. The Geotech Technician will also conduct geotechnical data collection and any other tasks assigned to him.

Dimensions of the Role

  • Slope stability monitoring using IDS Radars.
  • Slope stability monitoring using Trimble Total Station
  • Check drill and blast holes for conformity to designed depth, angle and azimuth
  • Conduct daily Visual Pit Inspection and report all findings
  • Collect vibrating wire piezometer data using data loggers
  • Geotechnical data collection using face mapping and photogrammetry methods


Job Responsibilities


Includes but not limited to:


  • Conduct daily visual pit inspection
  • Comply with all Kinross Occupational Health and Safety requirements.
  • Smooth operation of the Slope Monitoring Radars.
  • Conduct daily prism monitoring include installation and cleaning of the prisms in the field.
  • Check drill and blast holes for conformity to designed depth, angle and azimuth.
  • Check, record and report over breaks after every final wall blast
  • Install crack meters on any identified cracks on the pit crests
  • Any other duties assigned by supervisors
  • Geotechnical data collection using Face mapping and Photogrammetry methods 


Other Duties


Comply with all Kinross Occupational Health and Safety requirements

  • Review recent incidents and safety concerns with your Supervisor to determine best subject matter for the Daily Toolbox meeting.
  • 4 Safewatch every month

Operation of the Slope Stability Radar

  • Check and ensure are in good order: fuel, filter and other accessories on the radar
  • Check Gensets are working properly
  • Check and clean solar panel once a week

Operation of the Prism Monitoring System

  • Check Total station connection from field to office
  • Check if prisms are clean and readable
  • Maintain the safety of the total station and prisms




QA/QC on drill and Blast

  • Check drilled holes dip, depth and azimuth and report to Geotechnical Engineers
  • Inspect every trim blast for back breaks etc
  • Check loading of explosives and other powder factor etc.


Geotechnical Data Collection

  • Conduct Face Mapping
  • Take pit pictures for photogrammetry mapping
  • Get hydrogeology data from VWPs using data logger

Key Performance Indicators


Safety Performance & Record

Reports all reportable incidents

4 Safewatch every month

Geotechnical data collection

Geotechnical face mapping is correctly done and mapping sheets given to Geotechnical Engineers.

Groundwater level measurement is conducted every month and field data given to Geotechnical Engineers for processing

Operation of the Slope Monitoring Radars

Radars run smoothly with minimum stoppage times

Fuel, filters etc are changed and always in good working conditions

The Solar Panels are always clean from massive dust accumulation



Operation of the Prism Monitoring System

Prism monitoring system is operating without major down time.

All the prisms are in a readable state except those that which cannot be accessed.

Geotechnical Input in Drill and Blast.

All the final wall patterns have been checked for drill hole compliance to design

Photos are available for trim blasts

Requirements for the Position



  • Diploma or certificate in mining, geology or engineering (mechanical, Electrical or Civil is added advantage
  • Minimum 3 years’ experience in open pit mining operations; working as either Pit Tech or MEM Tech or equivalent
  • Mauritanian Drivers License.
  • Excellent communication skills and the proven ability to facilitate group meetings.
  • Strong leadership and a company oriented outlook.
  • Ability to enforce company policy and procedure
  • Willingness to make the difficult decisions when circumstances require

Desirable Skills


  • Ability to read, write and speak English, Arabic and French
  • Ability to be trained for higher responsibilities
  • Ability and desire to listen and continually improve both yourself and the business.

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