Geotechnical Engineer

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Date: Dec 6, 2018

Location: Tasiast, Inchiri region, Mauritania

Company: Kinross Gold Corporation

Job Description

Geotechnical data collection, examining the pit wall constructed following design and also to anticipate if there is wall instability that will impact mining activities.


Dimensions of the Role


  • Geotechnical data collection
  • Wall evaluation
  • Slope stability monitoring using IDS Radars
  • Slope stability monitoring using Trimble Total Station
  • Geotechnical input into drill and blast process
  • Visual Pit Inspection

Job responsibilities

Includes but not limited to:

  • Conduct daily visual pit inspection
  • Comply with all Kinross Occupational Health and Safety requirements.
  • Geotechnical data collection.
  • Operation of the Slope Monitoring Radar and a trigger action response plan for mining.
  • Conduct daily prism monitoring include cleaning of the dirty prisms in the field.
  • Conduct geotechnical QA/QC on every drill and blast pattern
  • Check, record and report over breaks after every final wall blast
  • Understand Geotechnical designs and implement these.
  • Any other duties assigned by supervisors
  • Comply with all Kinross Occupational Health and Safety requirements
    • Review recent incidents and safety concerns with your Supervisor to determine best subject matter for the Daily Toolbox meeting.
    • 4 Safewatch every month
  • Geotechnical data collection
    • Geotechnical logging
    • Pit mapping including using photogrammetry
    • Regular groundwater level measurement
  • Operation of the Slope Monitoring Radar and a trigger action response plan for mining.
    • Check connection from field unit to office
    • Prepare the DTM image for radar software
    • Check if alarms are properly setup in Guardian software
    • Evacuate the solar panel during blasting and set it back when finish.
    • Analysis of slope monitoring data
  • Operation of the Prism Monitoring System
    • Check Total station connection from field to office
    • Check if alarms are properly set and configured
    • Maintain the safety of the total station and prisms
    • Analysis of prism slope monitoring data
  • Understand Geotechnical designs and implement these.
    • Daily Geotechnical inspections and notify operation if there is discrepancy with design.
    • Check wall control blast design using Surpac and compare it at the actual wall.
    • Conduct Geotechnical analysis when necessary.

Education and Experience

  • Bachelor degree in mining, geology or civil engineering (Bach+4). Having a master degree is preferred.
  • Minimum 3 years’ experience in open pit mining operations.
  • Mauritanian Driver’s License.
  • Good English communication skills
  • Excellent communication skills and the proven ability to facilitate group meetings.
  • Strong leadership and a company oriented outlook.
  • Ability to enforce company policy and procedure
  • Willingness to make the difficult decisions when circumstances require

Desirable Skills

  • Ability to read, write and speak, Arabic and French
  • Experience in geotechnical or geology.
  • Ability and desire to listen and continually improve both yourself and the business.




Only applications from Mauritanian citizens that hold appropriate working rights will be considered

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